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                     Stork's Nest Program 

Stork's Nest is a forty plus year cooperative project of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., and the March of Dimes Foundation. Stork's Nest is an incentive based, prenatal health promotion program for low-income pregnant women that encourages them to make and keep prenatal appointments and participate in prenatal education classes. 

Getting regular prenatal care and learning about healthy pregnancy choices are significant contributors to helping women have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies 


Stork's Nest aims to increase the number of women receiving early and regular prenatal care in an effort to prevent cases of low birth-weight, premature births and infant deaths. To this end, Stork's Nest offers eight, 1 hour-long education classes. Class topics include the importance of prenatal care, healthy eating, what to expect during labor and delivery , breastfeeding, basic infant care and safe sleeping. 


How does Stork's Nest work? 


Stork's Nest clients earn incentive points by keeping prenatal care appointments, attending Stork's Nest prenatal education sessions and participating in other activities that promote healthy pregnancy behaviors. Some acitivities, like getting prenatal care are worth more points as they are the most important in a woman's pregnancy. Clients use these incentive points to "buy" maternity and baby items (clothes, diapers, car seats) from the Stork's Nest. 

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